I remember hearing someone tell me "rest is a weapon!"  And at the time I agreed.  It has the ability to foil the enemy's plan, bring focus out of chaos, and is so closely related to love that sometimes I really can't distinguish the two.

However, the more that I ponder rest, I realize the fallacy in thinking that it is a "weapon".  Weapons are things that we pick up as a tool to do a job.  We use the tool, and then lay the tool down when the job is done.  Rather I'm convinced that rest is less of a tool and more of state of being. 

Hebrews 4 talks about how we must enter into this "rest" as though it were a place.  In Matthew 11 , Jesus himself beckons a for a simple trade to take place where He gives rest for your weariness and brokeness.  This rest seems more like a gift, or garment you wear than a weapon.  It seems more like a lifestyle than a momentary culling that allows you to traverse something difficult.

So, let's make every effort to enter into this.  We are in Him and He is in us.  He might as well be called the Prince of Rest.

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