Will You Attend Embyrs This Sunday?

We are thrilled to have you here. God is all about relationship and family, and so are we! We love to love on people and are always glad to see family grow.

Whether you’ve grown up in the church all your life or are totally new to it, you will probably discover that we do things here differently than you may expect – so we thought we’d provide this “crash course” guide to life & family here at Embyrs. 

Real emotions welcome!

We intentionally foster an atmosphere where it’s safe to be real, where emotions don’t have to be “sanitized,” and where people can be saturated in the love of God without reservation. Come as you are!

We worship in spirit & truth.

During service, we seek Holy Spirit to set the agenda, and we partner in with Him. He may have someone jumping up and down, and another person quietly communing with Him. We do not put expectations on external expressions, but rather value making space for Him to move and flow with people as He wants, and for everyone to be free to respond in the way He designed them.

We highly value relationships.

After all, God IS love, and we are his children, made in His image to be like Him. Family is all about staying in relationship and remaining engaged with one another. We are not afraid of conflict, it’s bound to happen as we do life together. And since we’re not afraid of it, we can work through it in love and grow stronger because of it.

Following God is paramount.

We do all the above because we seek to always follow God over tradition and religiosity. We anchor ourselves in Jesus’ revelation of the Father, and in Holy Spirit’s leading into all truth. Because of this, we have key teachings on topics such as worship, giving, intercession, etc., that bring unique perspectives while remaining true to Biblical teaching. We have a free resource page on our website where you can listen to these teachings. Go here if you want to know more!

Embyrs Kids

Our kids program is here to engage your children with the Holy Spirit and help them step into their relationship with Jesus. We are excited when we see our next generation come alive as they hear God for themselves and learn about His ways. Come with your whole family and get plugged in!

Lastly, but not least, we would love to help you get connected and plugged in to our family life! Just ask for a Care Team member (if one of them hasn’t already found you!), and they can let you know about all our home groups and other ways to begin building relationships.


Welcome to the family!