A Love Revolution.


What is Embyrs?

Embyrs is about a Love Revolution. And it all starts with the blood of Jesus. Everyone associates his blood with the idea that we have been washed with His blood, and this is true. But this symbol is more than that throughout scripture. His blood that He made synonymous with wine when offering the very first sacrament, was not an offering of belief, or bewilderment, but rather a symbol of the new covenant. Why do we remember Jesus? Because He made a new covenant with us as his bride. And we have fallen head over heels for this man Jesus Christ, for He has made a new way for us to never die and to live forever. This is some of the most amazing news on the face of this planet. Heck I would say without question the most amazing news on this planet!


Where does Embyrs come from?

Embyrs was collaborative dream with God back when Chris Drake was being led by the Holy Spirit to start a clothing company. But it was so much more. Through a series of events, Embyrs became a collaboration of like hearted people who started to dream about what the gospel of the kingdom really meant and looked like. We found friendship, love, unity, family and saw the Glory of God manifest so naturally supernatural in and through our lives. We call this company of people Embyrs.

What Does Embyrs mean?

Embyrs means a number of things.

Though embers are typically associated with the dying out of a fire, in days long past embers were precious and vital - powerful energy carriers, and seen as valuable and full of life. They would be transported in earthenware vessels, "fire pots," from place to place in order to easily start fires. We are each like embers - we are burning ones, firestarters that can be blown on by the breath of God. And not only that, but when you get them near each other, their energy radiance increases… Which sounds just like community. By choosing to be family with one another, we increase the fire within one another, and we become a powerful gathering of embers, which God breathes into a mighty flame.

And the second facet is in the phonetic spelling. Embyr dayes (according to our very old dictionary) was a time in the church set aside for prayer and fasting on a special week of each of the four seasons of the year. And this to us represents the simplicity that God loves the balance of all things just like the balance of the seasons. We love to be lost in the Spirit of God during worship on a Sunday morning, but we love to engage our families and make sure we make it to our kids’ special events, balance our budget, and spend time in God’s Creation. There’s a time for all things.

Embyrs is about the flame of God that is rich and alive on each and every person. Scripture says "In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” Those days are upon us. And each and every person has the Spirit poured out on them and whether they see it or not He is close by and wanting to make His home in them.

Come and be an Embyr.