What are Embyrs’ Core Values?

We believe that in order to build anything well as a family, you have to define values that you will live by. These values at Embyrs are what drives our interactions in a healthy way, and keeps first things first. We think that Jesus really is Lord, and we should be those that walk in Love… but what does that really look like. Check out below.



We value developing a deep hunger for God in every aspect of our lives. Everyone is encouraged to grow this hunger through worship, intercession, discipline, fasting, and studying scripture, with the goal of falling ever deeper in love with the One who first loved us.



At Embyrs we value consistently practicing honor in all our relationships. Honor protects and strengthens relationships through prioritizing connection, creating a safe place, meeting needs, removing competition, practicing healthy confrontation, and walking in vulnerability and humility. Honor builds an environment of freedom and truth, where individuals are raised up into their gifts and destiny, and family is established in unity and love.



We value cultivating personal wholeness. We champion individuals discovering their original identity and design by our Father in heaven, and finding freedom through inner healing. We hold as paramount engaging in our personal connections with Jesus, through which we are established in our identity as a son and a bride, and are built up into the consistent unity of the corporate bride.



We value everyone pursuing the destiny God has called them to, both individually and corporately. We honor this in our lives by partnering with God in spreading the gospel of the Kingdom, joining ourselves to His greatness, and living a supernatural lifestyle.